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The first time I saw your North Star Flag my first thought was, ďWhy is this not already our state flag?Ē Itís clean, powerful and inspiring. Thank you! Iíve seen quite a few ideas that are kicking around online Ö but none of them match the original.

Itís nice that the flag includes both the Europeansí motto and the Indian name. Supporters of this flag, donít give up!

IMO the North Star flag that's been around as a proposal since the 80s has long been the consensus for a replacement and feels the most like it could be accepted quickly. It's also a d*** good design. Unique, obvious symbolism, easy to interpret from a distance, etc. I'd like to see us adopt that one ....

[Re: the wavy pattern] I like that it's a relatively simple element that's unique (i.e., appears on very few other flags). I also think it's kinda necessary to use a shape to indicate water if you're going to color it white, and I like coloring it white since that's where the state's name comes from (Dakota for "cloudy water").

On the "North Star" flag I like the "wavy fessĒ symbol for water. Most flags have geometric straight lines. It's more distinctive to include curves or jagged edges indicative of nature.

It's probably the most famous and popular redesign of the Minnesota state flag, it's iconic and is slowly gaining traction.

Iíll take two!

The more I see it, the more I like it!

It grows on you!

I really love the flag design. I hope it eventually replaces our current design Ö. I have also looked at the other proposed versions, many I liked but this one has the most traction, it's simple and unique. That's why I'm going to fly it outside my house during the state fair this year and get lots of eyeballs on it. [Note: from a couple listing the flag on their wedding registry wish-list]

As a good flag with an actual support movement behind it, the North Star Flag would do an excellent job representing Minnesota.

It's the design that's been in circulation since 1989 and might very well be the leading candidate to replace Minnesota's current flag.

In 1989, William Becker and Lee Herold proposed an alternative called the North Star Flag which I think meets all the criteria to be a successful symbol for the state …. My recommendation is to go with ... [that] flag.

The North Star Flag is so much better [than the current flag]. It's been around for 30 years now and it's still getting new plaudits. [elsewhere:] A flag with a 30 year history. I hope it's time is coming. So long in the build-up I think its backers are due a giant break. [elsewhere:] Nice! More people "represented" by a terrible flag are waking up and embracing great designs. Looks like Minnesota is no exception. Also, see how easy it is to identify? Not a chance you could identify the current Ö flag that fast Ö That's traction Ö When you get that much take-up then the tide has turned and itís a lock-in day-facto cert to become the number one option when change really happens. [elsewhere:] King of the redesigns.

Ethnically neutral, represents the climate and the terrain and speaks out to the culture as a whole. [elsewhere] It's a distinctive design. Also, I just got mine in the mail this week. [elsewhere] Everybody loves the North Star Flag. It's become the unofficial flag for people who don't want to use the cluttered MN flag. [elsewhere] This flag is considered the unofficial flag of the state of minnesota. You see this flag being flown over at Allianz Field whenever the Minnesota United play. [elsewhere] will be a classic once it's adopted ... And it wouldn't have to even be a mandatory adoption. All the state would have to do is allow municipalities and businesses to fly the North Star flag over the seal on a bedsheet. Let the more popular design rule. [elsewhere] [Itís among the] flags I see on the way to work.

This flag design is amazing imo. It captures the natural beauty of our land in one simplistic arrangement. It demonstrates the land, the forests, the snow, the lakes, the ďNorth StarĒÖ Itís without a doubt better than our current blue flag with the big ugly (and historically racist) seal.

Strongly in favor of [the North Star Flag]. Simple, handsome, nice colors .... I would also add "evocative". The North Star is a longtime symbol of the state, & to me, the wavy border suggests rivers and fresh water.

My personal opinion is that the "North Star Flag" is the best option. It's clean. It's been reviewed (no offending colors, or symbols). It's been manufactured (call Herold Flags if you'd like to buy one). [Same writer elsewhere:] Clean. Simple. It got high praise from the designer of the Canadian Flag. It won a [Pioneer Press contest]. Most everything is a variation on it.

Got my new flag up and flying! I mean, we can all agree a flag change is loooong overdue. So why not this awesome one?

Thanks for the flag. I love the design.

We fly the north star flag at our house in northern township [rural Bemidji].

I'm a huge fan of the North Star flag; in fact, I bought one years ago ... [same writer:] I love that flag. A couple of months ago, I e-mailed the shop I got it from and they still sell them.

What are those sweet flags in [section] 102? They look like the Cascadian and Texan flags had a crazy love child flag and chopped the Doug[las] Fir out. [Portland Timber fan admiring the North Star Flag in Portland.]

[Responding to above admirer:] MN North Star Flag, which should be the official state flag Ö You can read about it from the designer. If you call these folks up to order a flag ... you'll talk to the designer of the flag, talk about the weather, and get a hand-written thank you note. It's sweet and reminds me very much of back home.

Today a lady ... asked for a Minnesota State flag. When handed one she said "what's this? I don't have my glasses!" And we showed her the North Star Flag and she said "that's much better. I'll take two!"

I myself plan on bringing my new North Star flag to the [MNUFC] game today and well into the future.

Respect to whoever that is, flying the North Star Flag. That should be our state flag.

For anyone interested in raising awareness about this issue, you can order a North Star flag ... from Herold Flags in Rochester. We fly one outside our house; it's always a great conversation starter and helps get people on-board with the idea of changing the flag ...

As a Minnesotan who's been looking for a place to buy a North Star flag for forever, thanks so much!

I like this one. Created in 1989 to challenge the current. [Reply] I didn’t realize that that design was that old. [Response] As soon as the North Star Flags are back in stock I'm buying one. [Note: theyíre in stock!]

I love the design.

[from Florida:] The current Minnesota flag is too bland to fly, so we use the North Star [Flag] to let people know weíre from Minnesota.

I was so impressed Ö that I bought one and am flying it daily. I also presented it as a resolution at the Republican Caucus.

Great looking flag - my son loves it and is going to hang it in his dorm room. Thanks!

A well thought solution to Minnesota's lackluster state flag.

Beautiful, simple, significant and unique.

This flag is fantastic!

Holy smokes the alternate minnesota flag is awesome

Whoa, North Star MN flag. Cool. [elsewhere:] A lovely birthday gift from [Name]! [elsewhere:] I really want the North Star Flag / Herold Flags to have a booth at the Fair next year!

I would love a new flag, and the "North Star Flag" shown above is a great design.

Got the best MN redesign on my Hydroflask ... [Response:] What flag is this a redesign of? It looks really nice! [Reply:] It's a proposed redesign of the Minnesota Flag that dates back to 1989. It's often called the North Star Flag.

Yeah, that's the one I love. My favorite flag Iíve ever seen.

My favorite Minnesota redesign. [Same writer:] Love that flag. Really hope it becomes official sometime.

North Star Flag all the way!

I'd love to see Golden Gopher FB wear unis with the Ö "North Star" flag!

Thatís really beautiful. Hard to pull off something that abstract, but it really worked.

I used to feel pretty ambivalent to the North Star Flag ... But you know, seeing all these pictures of it, I've come to really like it.

I like it! Much better than the current one.

I think that would be a vast improvement, and a very good state flag.

The most beautiful flag Iíve ever seen, and Iíve seen a lot of flags in different countries. Itís just not like the other ones; itís uplifting; itís just gorgeous.

Wow Ö I like that a lot more than the official flag. [Reply:] Yeah. Everyone does.

Itís time to adopt a new flag. To be specific: the north star flag. [same writer:] We support the North Star Flag. Bless this flag!

The North Star flag is great, I'm just confused as why it's taking so long to adopt it. [same writer:] Where can I buy the North Star Flag? [Note: at Herold Flags]

I would buy the **** out of that flag.

It follows all the design rules of a good flag. I agree that it's much better than our current flag. I'm not sure what it would take to get a new state flag, but I'm all for it.

This flag changing effort is the biggest Iíve seen so far - the North Star flag was originally designed in 1989. Iím a big fan of this one, especially the blue/white/green color scheme.

Very nice flag.

This proposal for Minnesota looks real sharp.

Still prefer Minnesotaís North Star Flag [over other redesigns].

Great flag.


MN what the h*** are you waiting for? You have a great design ready to go!

I've just seen it for a few seconds and it already looks over 20 times better than the current flag.

Minnesota would be #2 [among state flags, behind Maryland] if they adopted this SWEET A** flag that I see all the time at MNUFC games.

Love that flag.

We need the North Star Flag!!

Man we need to go to the North Star Flag.

All these ideas [i.e. proposed redesigns] are great and I have made some of my own but in the end I think this really is the best one.

I like The North Star Flag as well.

Here's a good flag design that everybody in the vexillology community is gathering around. It's the proposed North Star flag. [elsewhere:] It's morphed into sort of a people's flag.

As fun as the nordic cross is, I like the north star flag. Simple, clean, no call back to one specific ethnic group.

Wonder what the largest North Star Flag I can get is Ö [answer: 6x10 feet, currently] [elsewhere:] Hey! North Star Flag spotted in the wild in St. Paul.

I supported that design in the '80s, and I still support it today. It's sad that MN still hasn't adopted this design.

The design is "pretty good", high praise from any Minnesotan.

They should definitely adopt that flag.

It looks as iconic as Arizona's or Colorado's.

I wish our state flag was the green and blue one. [Reply:] They really are the best colors.

What flag is pictured lower center? The blue, white, green with yellow star. [Reply:] The blue white and green one is an alternate version of the Minnesota state flag. [Response:] Thanks! I thought it would be the state flag, but Google showed the traditional one. This one is much nicer!

[T]his design is very strong and I think should be adopted.

The North Star flag is Ö easier to identify from a distance, and since it's a new flag that's currently popular with one of our sports teams, it can brand itself.

There's already been a MUCH better ... proposed design circulating since 1989, in the form of William Becker's and Lee Herold's North Star Flag. [elsewhere:] The North Star Flag is perfect. The color pallet is already commonly used (see MNDot's logo for example), and the design perfectly adheres to vexillological rules, is unique, contains elegant symbolism that actually represents the state, and is timeless. [elsewhere:] I like the North Star Flag, but the fact that the effort to choose a new flag is going to a commission leaves me very worried ... [elsewhere:] I absolutely LOVE the North Star Flag. Adheres to vexillological rules, simple design that even a kindergartner could remember and reproduce, symbolism that actually represents the state well, and absolutely timeless. There is no better option. [elsewhere:] I have been in love with this flag for like fifteen years, and every time I see pictures of it flying in the real world, it just gets more beautiful to me. [elsewhere:] Let's not make things more complicated than they need to be. Minnesota has had a perfectly good flag proposal floating around since 1989. Just adopt the North Star Flag!

Definitely a fan of this flag.

Blue Sky and Water, White Snow, Green Trees and Fields, and a Guiding Star. I have loved this design for years. I would vote for it in a second.

This one is my favorite.

I like that north star flag a lot.

This North Star Flag has been proposed as a new state flag for years. I'd really be happy if that became our new flag.

Much better than the official MN state flag. Perfect out front.

How Ö have I never seen or heard of this? This is the best flag Iíve ever seen.

I didnít know that legislators in the past proposed a new Minnesota state flag. I like it!

Minnesota has a beautiful [North Star] flag design ... to use.

The North Star Flag has been around since the late 80s. It's one of the most viable replacement state flags out there. I love seeing it here.

Apparently our ancestors in 1989 debated this also Ö This is their design. P.S.: Works for me.

I live on a street in Minneapolis that alot of people walk by, I just put up this BEAUTIFUL flag yesterday Ö

I've actually seen several of these flying in front of houses in NE Mpls this summer.

This is a cool proposal for a redesigned MN state flag Ö. Itís a pretty classic design for a flag.

The proposal is better because it is not generic, which the current flag is.

I'm such a traditionalist, you know why fix what ain't broke, but I like the North Star flag.

I still like the proposed state flag from years ago

Iíve always liked the ďNorth StarĒ flag that has been proposed [elsewhere:] How has this not become our MN state flag already?

North Star Flag [response to news story about possible flag change]

It should be a version of the north star flag. [reply:] Iíve been saying this for years. [response to news story about possible flag change]

North Star flag, pleeeaase! Already have seen fonts using this for the MN flag emoji. [elsewhere:] Just adopt the North Star Flag and be done with it.

Fly the North Star Flag!

I love whoever brings the proposed MN flag to [MNUFC] matches. [elsewhere:] Love the alternative Minnesota flag.

Bring back this proposed change from the 80's. [reply:] Yes!

The North Star flag design has great symbolism and would represent MN well.

Just read up on the Minnesota "North Star" flag proposal, to replace our totally lame state flag with a better design.

Cool flag, much better than the official one.

Whoever that is flying the North Star banner, you're my hero. Now let's get #mnleg to make that our state flag. [elsewhere] As a new #mnleg session approaches, a reminder of my pet issue: adopt the North Star Flag for Minnesota! [elsewhere:] Who will be the #mnleg member brave enough to lead the way on changing our flag to this? [Dan, Twitter]

I came across this concept for a new Minnesota state flag from 1989 known as the "Northstar Flag". Anyone know if they sell these anywhere? [Response] I'm a big fan of this flag, and have bought one in the past; Herold Flags sells them. [Another:] The answer is yes. I bought one when I was living in Rochester. BTW, it looks great on a wall.

Where did you get those North Star flags? I'd love to buy one. [Response] I ordered them by phone from Herold Flags in Rochester, MN. They're 3'x5' and were the perfect size for waving in the fan section. We had quite a few (all positive) comments, that by the final game day of the tournament, I think we just resorted to calling them the Minnesota Battle Flag.

Why don't you just change to the North Star flag. Looks much nicer.

This proposal for Minnesota looks real sharp.

W[h]ere the **** do you Buy That Minnesota flag

Have you seen the potential new state flag? The North Star State could do better than the racist #bluetarp #mnleg

Neat to see that the North Star flag getting used. It's a really lovely design.

[Re: petition designs] This article seems to forget about this [North Star Flag] idea that has wide popularity. I just noticed most previous commenters agree with me. [elsewhere:] I bought a pack of Viking Hirdmen and I'm painting them in a theme you might recognize. The simplicity and elegance of the North Star flag can go on a lot of things.

Big improvement over the current flag, which is poorly designed, an[d] racist to boot.

North Star!

Blue and green may be the dominant popular state colors, but yellow or gold is never far away, and the balance among the three is why I love the North Star Flag so much.

I really like the North Star Flag.

North Star flag colors FTW!

This design is leagues better than the current state flag and I'd love to see it implemented!

North star flag is 100% better, fact.

If I still lived in Minnesota I would vote for the North Star Flag (the blue white green one, not the old sports team). [elsewhere:] I don't know why the state is holding off on adopting it formally Ö This flag fits all criteria for a "good" flag (despite being 4 colors), it's unique, and represents the state pretty well.

Right now, the North Star flag is the undisputed frontrunner.

I tried working with legislature 12 years ago to get the flag changed (to this one) ....

This is the best redesign. How can we start it up again?

I told a pal today: MN would automatically be in the top 5 state flags if they adopted the North Star Flag. It's gorgeous.

Itís getting a lot of love in my IG poll/quiz. :)

The Seward [city in Alaska] flag is Ö similar in detail to the ďNorth Star FlagĒ proposal for a new Minnesota state flag, and if that excellent but unadopted design influenced [it] at all, I say kudos.

I love the Minnesota state flag redesign.

For thirty years #Minnesota has had an excellent alternative #flag sitting patiently waiting to be adopted. Called the #NorthStarFlag itís become popular with many people in the state, just not enough politicians... yet!

Make this the flag ....

I think [the wavy stripe] gives it character.

I like that north star flag.

Yes I love this flag

Minnesota's flag is awful, but there is a better option.... [followed by North Star Flag photo] [elsewhere:] Iíd adopt the North Star Flag for Minnesota [elsewhere:] The North Star Flag is where itís at.

It feels optimistic, the design; feels kind of cheery ... Itís very representative of the state, and looks really nice from a distance, or from either side, or turned on end. It would be a good way to come into the 21st century with a new symbol for the state. I really do think this is a beautiful design, and I would be happy with it. [elsewhere:] One element of a good flag design is that a person should be able to draw it on a postage stamp. That "rule" ensures that the details can be seen on a flagpole from a distance. The Northstar Flag meets that criterion IMO. It also looks good hanging vertically - like in every high school gym in the state.

Just do it Ö [with North Star Flag photo]

My favorite alt design

I think this flag is awesome! I love the simplicity and symbolism of this design.

Time for Minnesota to officially adopt the North Star flag design that was proposed in the 80's that MNUFC fans have been using for a few years now.

Plenty of people have already redesigned the Minnesota flag, and they've made some very good designs. The most successful of these proposals is the fantastic North Star Flag.

I would be happy if my state adopted ... the north star flag.

The first thing [to] do is change the lame old Minnesota state flag to this awesome design.

I like this design.

It has grown tremendously in popularity recently, as Minnesotans seek to express our unique identity.

We believe Minnesotans deserve a better flag than the uninspired, indistinguishable, could-be-any-other-state one we have now. And we have a choice. In 1989, designers William Becker and Lee Herold designed the North Star Flag. It later won a Pioneer Press contest as Minnesotans' preferred alternative to replace our current flag. The North Star Flag is right at the heart of who we are at North Shore Trading Co. It forms our identity and inspires our designs. We believe Minnesota is a unique and wonderful place and we hope you'll help us bring a little piece of the North to the world.

Herold Flags had a customer order the current Minnesota flag this weekend, and he brought it back because he didn't like the design. What did he trade it for? The North Star Flag!

It’s very Cascadia meets Midwest. I like it! [Reply:] Yes! I know that one! The North Star flag is older but I like how theyíre both similar yet specific to the region.

So excited to receive my Minnesota North Star flag in the mail today! [elsewhere:] Loving my #northstarflag flying for #Minnesota all the way down in South Carolina. Check out the link in my bio for more info about why the current #mnflag needs to go and why YOU should support the North Star Flag!! [elsewhere:] Folks have had 40+ years to improve on the North Star design yet it's still the front runner. It looks great to me, which is remarkable for an early 1980s design. Timelessness is really important.

Iím still a huge fan of the North Star Flag.

The flag looks great! We couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

I really love the ďBecker & HeroldĒ flag design. [elsewhere:] Seems like this is going to be ďoverly complicatedĒ with the new panel. Let’s just choose the North Star flag and be proud!

YASS! North Star Flag here we come!

Wouldnít it be great if Minnesota had an actual flag instead of the state seal on a sheet? This is the North Star Flag. [elsewhere:] Our current state flag is what you call "a seal on a sheet" and has derogatory imagery towards indigenous people. This is the design I hope replaces the current MN flag: ďThe North Star Flag.Ē

In honor of flag day here's the unofficial flag of Minnesota, the North Star flag. [elsewhere:] Started playing Trackmania recently and my car defaulted to a USA flag skin, so I decided to make my own North Star flag skin. [elsewhere:] [Manifest destiny is] Just another reason that damn flag needs to go away and be replaced by the proper North Star flag. [elsewhere:] The north star flag is our real flag as far as I'm concerned. [elsewhere:] So I've been promoting the Minnesota North Star flag redesign for a really long time now and have designed several soccer team specific variants over the years, but it finally dawned on me today I don't actually own a real North Star flag. So I just bought one. [elsewhere:] Naturally the first thing I place on my newly cleaned bedroom's wall is the North Star flag. [elsewhere:] I will say the North Star Flag isn't anything amazing, but that's why it's so good. The design is very simple yet unique. It has symbolism without needing to do much. It's a perfect flag.

Any time I show your design to people here in Arizona, the response is always positive. It's attractive, and it makes sense to folks here. [elsewhere:] It's a design that would remain as fresh in 100 years as it is now. More and more people would rather have a design that represents that for which Minnesota is known, its forests and agriculture, its winters, and its sky-tinted waters, translated from the very name 'Minnesota,' from native language.

Congrats! Itís such a strong looking flag. Given our bumpy road the last month, a new official flag would be a beautiful reboot!

Dear #mnleg friends: making this our Minnesota state flag is long overdue. [elsewhere:] New addition at the cabin. Sad that Minnesota still has one of the most stunningly lame state flags in the nation, but Iíve adopted the North Star flag as an official symbol of my home state and encourage others to do so. [elsewhere:] Make this happen [elsewhere:] This North Star Flag beauty has flown at my cabin for years now. Loving the idea that itís much closer to being ďrealĒ now.

My father rocking the [North Star Flag] outside his snowbird nest in Arizona [with photo].

Set aside what you think of the current flag...this is just a way better design. Unique.

Iím 100% on board with this. Our [official] flag is terrible. This flag is superb. [elsewhere:] That flag, which Iíd never seen, is dope. Letís get a petition going.

Speaking of state flags, this would be a far superior one for Minnesota than the existing seal (which has its own problems) on a blue field.

I am a proud Minnesotan who completely supports the effort to scrap the current design. I've long been a fan of the North Star design from the Becker/Herold group. [elsewhere:] The North Star flag is gorgeous (and I love the version that's waved at MN United soccer matches). [elsewhere:] The North Star flag is a great alternative. And we don't need to wait until legislators make it official: #Minnesotans can just start using it! [elsewhere:] Minnesota: The North Star Flag would be a phenomenal cure for our vexillologic ills. [elsewhere:] Fellow Minnesotans, if you need more evidence that our state seal (and therefore our official state flag) is deeply shameful, read this 1850 poem that describes the scene it depicts. Want an alternative? Fly the North Star flag. [elsewhere:] Smart, capable people have been working on new designs for the MN state flag for years. The most popular such design has proven to be something known as the "North Star Flag." Ö [which] has already gained grassroots traction. You'll find it at gift shops, on laptop stickers, flying from flagpoles at lake cabins. Minnesota United fans even fly it (and custom variations) at Loons matches! So I Ö suggest we adopt the North Star Flag, a sharp looking, market tested, vexillologically strong banner. [elsewhere:] I hope MN state officials don't just say "new flag? Ok, let's start from scratch!" That seems to devalue the serious work from MN vexillologists (Herold, etc) that's been underway for years. One reason I favor the North Star design: it *already* has stood the test of time. [elsewhere:] One reason I favor the Becker/Herold North Star design over the many other attractive #MNflag proposals: it's already passed the test of time. With other designs, we're guessing at their timelessness. With the North Star flag, we have the benefit of 30+ years of proof!

I always thought this proposal looked good.

Yup, been a fan of North Star flag for a while.

Where is that Minnesota flag from, because it kicks rear end. [Reply] Yes, I agree itís a good flag.

Agree! Was just reading about the meanings.

See, thatís awesome

Minnesota has considered flag redesign in the past...better be this

Itís distinctive. It makes good use of space. It has no writing or human figures on it. Itís simple and easy to draw. It has no details that canít be seen from a distance. Itís an ideal flag. The flag even succeeds in representing Minnesotaís native inhabitants in a way that doesnít involve blatant stereotyping.

Nice! Love it!

Now I’m on board. Truly. Distinctive meaningful design. And honored by the beloved @PioneerPress Iíve gone from bored to enlightened!

Just got my north star flag in the mail! Even if this doesn't end up becoming the state flag I still feel a sense of MN pride hanging it up.

This flag is a much better design anyway.

North Star flag is great. Distinctive. Simple. Memorable. Iím onboard.

Simple and lacks an ethnic or religious affiliation.

ok this new flag is way better!!!

In the end, the state flag may not be changing anytime soon. In the meantime, we can still fly the North Star Flag, and fly it proudly.

The North Star Flag is much better, in my opinion. And I want this to be the flag of Minnesota so badly.

The North Star flag is beautiful.

Iím still a huge fan of the North Star Flag.

Ooof, I am not a fan [of the old flag]. The state seal commemorates genocide. I do like the new attempt:

Absolutely on board with getting rid of the #Minnesota state flag, it is racist and terribly designed, to boot. The #NorthStarFlag design promoted by @LtoileduNord1 is beautiful! [elsewhere:] We're flag people now! Flying the North Star flag to promote changing the #Minnesota state flag from a terrible, racist design to this colorful beauty. Learn more about the North Star flag & contact your state senator to support this change! [elsewhere:] I'll never pass up a chance to talk about the North Star Flag: #Minnesota, we could have this beauty instead of our boring, racist current flag!! [elsewhere:] I liked it enough to fly it in front of my house! Until my racist neighbor tore it down. [elsewhere:] Love it!! Very excited to see support for the beautiful North Star flag!!

Oh hell yes

As a bonus, in addition to getting rid of the racist, colonialist old flag, the (proposed) new one would sell so much merchandise. Thinking of, for example, the Colorado flag, which is all over every item in every gift shop in that state. [elsewhere:] We have an easy swap [by adopting the North Star] flag if the legislature would just go for it. Such a better design. SO MUCH BETTER

I like the new one you propose!

I love the new design! The old one can go jump in any one of our thousands of lakes. Good riddance

@romanmars will be pleased. Itís definite upgrade!

The North Star Flag, has been considered for years as a potential state flag for Minnesota. I'd prefer it.

My morris dancing group uses it as our emblem!

[It] has received some popular support in the state Ö. This is a good flag, Minnesota: stop spinning your wheels and go for it.

Love this flag proposal. Much more simple and brings in some good qualities.

I like the flag.

Gotta love that North Star Flag.

The uniqueness is what I like about it. I've always wanted Minnesota to have a cool unique flag like Texas or California.

Please allow this Good Flag to bless your timeline.

I'd be on board with this!

I mean, this is my favorite alternative Minnesota flag. [elsewhere:] I think this is a nice flag.

That is a tasty flag.

Seriously tho, you should use whatever clout being mayor [of Duluth] gives you to get that great North Star flag to be the official state flag.

Much better design 100%.

I made a petition to change the Minnesota flag anyone want to sign? Itís not mine itís the North Star flag made in the 80ís. [petition text:] I and many others think that our current flag doesn't represent Minnesota as our flag should, and here's why. The flag has the state seal with a blue backdrop just look up how many flags have that, and if you don't think that's enough the Nebraska flag was flying upside down for 10 days at their capital. And I think we should change it, all you need to do is just share it as much as possible and sign this petition. The more people that sign, the higher our chances become at changing our flag.

Yes I do [have one], hanging proudly in my apartment.

Of course I emailed [Herold Flags] ahead of time to see if the codesigners of the North Star Flag could sign their work. [elsewhere:] Here’s a way cooler, distinctive design Ö. Actually, I'm just going to call it now. Let's just adopt the North Star Flag, it's a great design.

Only a few colors, good contrast, simple design Ö If I were the people of Minnesota though, I'd probably go with the "North Star" [flag].

I think itís a winner!

This is the only true flag of Minnesota.

The North Star flag Ö has the longest track record and is the most promising candidate to become the next state flag. It also has all the symbolism of the current state flag but in a much simpler form; this allows you to use the friendlier word "simplify" rather than "change". It makes the idea less intimidating for those who are on the fence.

Minnesota's current flag is a bit "vexillogically challenged." The Great Minnesota Fossil Company is doing its part to make our flag more aesthetically pleasing by releasing a series of variants on the North Star Flag. Each variant will represent a group of people that call Minnesota their home. First flag, German Minnesota!

I've had one hanging in my apartment for the past few years.

As a proud Minnesotan, I strongly support the reestablishment of our state's flag to a more appropriate, identifiable and unifying design. [with photo of North Star Flag]

The movement to change the Minnesota flag is not a new one. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press held contests for new flag concepts in 1989 and 2001. The winner of the 2001 contest, known as the ďNorth Star Flag,Ē has been used unofficially as an alternate state flag for almost two decades, and can be seen flying in front of houses and at Minnesota United games Ö. Itís up to the people of Minnesota to make sure theyíre represented, not just by politicians, but by their flag, too. [Colin Will, Rubicon]

Awesome! Thanks!

What is that beautiful flag in the picture above? Well that is the North Star flag of Minnesota! We've gotten permission from the designers to print and sell it because it's awesome. [elsewhere:] Weíre proud to be a part of the North Star Flag’s movement. A better flag for Minnesota! [Flags for Good] [elsewhere:] Minnesota is considering redesigning their ďSeal on a BedsheetĒ flag. The answer is simple. The North Star Minnesota Flag is a time-tested redesign and a vastly better flag design for Minnesota.

As a Minnesotan, I believe our flag should be an instantly identifiable symbol of the North Star State. Accordingly, I support changing the flag to the North Star Flag. [elsewhere:] This has been and will continue to be my favorite MN flag design. Simple. Symbolic. Unique. [elsewhere:] A friend sent this shot from MN United's debut. Beautiful seeing the North Star Flag waving! [elsewhere:] North Star flag ftw. [elsewhere:] The original and still the best. Hanging in my apartment window in Boston. [elsewhere:] Spotted in Boston. Star and Squiggle Forever. [elsewhere:] I don't think you need to be "offended" to realize that vexillologically speaking, Minnesota's flag (like many other U.S. state flags) is terrible. There are always going to be more important issues confronting the state, but why not take this chance to adopt the North Star Flag and give Minnesotans a unique symbol of our state that we can be proud of? [elsewhere:] The North Star Flag is an aesthetically excellent, inclusive flag with none of the baggage or limitations of even a Nordic cross-inspired design. [Twitter:] Lee Herold is a big fan of the North Star Flag Ö I plan to buy from him to support a fellow North Star vexillologist, and maybe pick up a reflective sticker or two! [elsewhere:] Bingo. Minnesotans already use it as an unofficial flag - just legislate where the people have already led! [elsewhere:] Look at the widespread adoption of the NSF! Why recreate symbols and force one on people when thereís already an effective unofficial flag. [elsewhere:] Where can I get a lapel pin??? [elsewhere:] We ALREADY have a great flag for the North Star State, just waiting to be adopted!! [elsewhere:] The North Star Flag has been flying for over 30 years. Easy choice. [elsewhere:] In addition to being a fantastic visual representation of our 10,000 lakes, itís unique (at least among US flags). Iconic.

The unofficial Minnesota state flag! Love it.

This should be our state flag.

They've been trying to get it changed since the 80's to this. The supporters groups for MN United FC have even made their own version

[A good flag] should be easily recognizable and easy to reproduce ... Quite a few state flags are like this.

I also like this flag and dislike our current flag.

I bought one yesterday! I love this flag.

I forgot about that proposed Mn state flag. I dig it.

Good flag, better than the current!

Let's use this one.

I love it.

We have been flying it in our family for years ... I have to say it is a bit fun to see it back in the news.

There's one of these on Silver Lake Road. I like it.


A strong design Ö This flag captures the essence of the area well.

I like this flag. Simple, but I really like it.

This is a much better design. It's handsome and vexillologically sound (try saying that 3 times fast).

I like this a great deal.

I agree, it [the current flag] is a very bad design. Iím a big fan of the North Star deign and think it is well worth the money to change it.

So many states ... all have the lame blue flag with the seal and it sucks!! ITS TIME FOR THE NORTH STAR FLAG!!

How about a new flag for Minnesota?

It's Flag Day, so I'm back up on my soapbox. CHANGE THE MINNESOTA STATE FLAG. Our current flag isn't even a real flag.

Time for the @LtoileduNord1 North Star flag!

The proposed flag is a really lovely design: a north star on a blue field, over a white wave suggesting snow or water, with a verdant green on the bottom. Itís elegant, simple, and meaningful.

I think the Minnesota flag is a dud too. How many other states have an overcomplicated state seal in the middle of a blue or white field? I like the proposed “North Star FlagĒ

Now if only Minnesota would actually adopt the North Star flag... [Reply:] Weíre working on it.

Hard to believe the proposal wasn't met with near unanimous approval.

Your attempts to change the Mn state flag have been an admiration. I am so glad that you have taken it upon yourself to give Minnesota a flag befitting its greatness.

[My] students Ö liked the [North Star] flag better.

I am excited to hear that you have the flags available

I believe that every day we can make a public statement to our students, our employees, and the community at large by no longer flying a racist official flag and, that until there is a new official flag, we fly the North Star Flag

Simon is feeling in love [with the North Star Flag].

Why the hell didn't they adopt this?

Used to have a t shirt with that on it. Iíve always liked it.

Check out the North Star Flag prominently featured on my wall in my office! It's been a great conversation starter among my coworkers to learn more about the state flag and this alternative.

There's a petition in Minnesota to change their F-tier flag to this one. I think it's a legitimately a great idea, after reading up on it. This would be like an automatic A- at minimum.

I fly the North Star flag and Canadian flag at my house.

Finally bought a #northstarflag today. You should too. It's a way better MN State Flag.

BETTER flag project for MINNESOTA named The North Star Flag.

Iím a fan of the North Star Flag

The Northstar flag has been proposed and seems pretty good.

Very cool! I never knew about this before.

This is way better than the current flag. Full disclosure: being from SoDak I kinda thought this was the MN state flag.

The best part is, it looks like a flag. Not a business card.

It would make Minnesota Polandball comics easier to make...

While I still have an emotional attachment to the current flag being a Minnesotan, I'm starting to come around to the North Star one.

Yes itís my preference! I want us to make that flag our new one. [elsewhere:] Love this flag idea. Let's go! [elsewhere:] Iím hoping for the North Star flag myself.

Much better!

I'm personally partial to the North Star Flag design

Attention Minnesotans, please contact your state legislators to support bills to change our flag to the #NorthStarFlag.

Love it!

The flag is even better than I imagined, and it looks great on my wall!

I've always said our flag has sucked. This one is identifiable at a distance and you better be damn sure it's going to be all over our clothing and on bumper stickers if it gets passed. I’ve contacted my representatives!

North Star flag all the way! It's simple, unique, and distinctive, all the hallmarks of a good flag ... It's a massive upgrade.

Minnesota had a small push for a state flag change during the 90's. I really liked it over the 'seal on a bedsheet' that we have now.

Cooking maple syrup this weekend, so finally hung my [North Star] flag ...

The flag in my profile is called the North Star flag. You can read about the thoughtful symbolism and the ways it succeeds as a flag where the current flag utterly fails Ö Itíd be cool to show your pride and love for Minnesota with a cool and instantly recognizable symbol.

Iíve never really looked at the MN state flag until today ... wack. Highly prefer the North Star Flag, thanks for sharing.

I signed this [] petition when I thought the North Star Flag was the alternative option. But when I see the other flags on the list, I like the current one better.

North Star Flag please

North Star flag thatís a good one.

Love this alternate MN flag and sporting [a sticker] on my car.

Awesome North Star Flag. Perfect sized flag [sticker] for my water tumbler.

Better than the current flag by a mile.

I like it! I just ordered a couple stickers of it.

I love it I have it up at my home

I like the North Star Flag.

So everyone knows, this is what the MN flag should look like. #northstarflag

Check out [the North Star Flag]. Thatís the flag for #Minnesota

We ordered one, and were so pleased that we had to make room for another! Great product for a great cause. You wonít be disappointed.

Obligatory shout out to that one North Star flag that was circulating a while back.

Really like the sticker! It went straight on my laptop and looks great! Love the North Star Flag!

This is a nice alternative to the legacy Minnesota flag.

[Another design] reminds me of the North Star flag, which I also like.

My favorite #MNflag proposal. In dress form!

The current Minnesota flag is outdated and it doesnít represent the people of Minnesota as it is now. The North Star flag will change this and make our flag more simple and recognizable, along with using colors to represent us today Ö This flag can be used to fly at sports games, to show your pride and connection to Minnesota, and people will recognize it as Minnesota Ö

They have an alternate flag chosen if they wish to change; it is called northern star flag (go to Wikipedia and see), it is cool.

There was a proposed alternative flag that looked great to me.

I prefer the already very known "North Star flag" by William Becker and Lee Herold.

We love the design.

I gotta say I like [the North Star Flag] design better ... When I think of growing up in Minnesota, I think blue lakes and green trees. I think that should be reflected by the flag.

It really is quite good, Iíd never seen it before today

One of the more popular redesigns for Minnesota's state flag currently!

Looks amazing

I own one of the flags and have it hung on my wall! It needs to be adopted as our flag (MN) ASAP.

I grew up in MN, live now in Wisconsin, and I fly the North Star flag every year the week of May 11 for Minnesota statehood day. [elsewhere:] Címon, Minnesota, adopt the beautiful, distinctive #NorthStarFlag already! [elsewhere:] When discussing proposed Minnesota state flags, any link to ďParticularly this oneĒ should go to the North Star Flag. This is the design that has come closest to official adoption, has been around the longest, and is most commonly seen in use by the general public.

As an avid Vexillologist outside the state of Minnesota, why hasnít the North Star Flag been adopted yet?

I totally agree that we should use the North Star flag.

The North Star Flag is cool and all, and would make a great state flag.

Iíve lived in MN for 28 years and I just now found out that the North Star flag even exists Ö But now that I have seen it I think itís way better than our current flag and we should change it ASAP.

Very cool design! Hope the state realizes how great it is and adopts it. I live in CA - nice flag, but grizzlies are extinct in the state.

The (semi-)commonly accepted alternative to the official Minnesota state flag. I live in northern Minneapolis, and I even see this flag outside four or five houses in my neighborhood ... It's a hell of a lot better than the SOB (seal on a bedsheet) that we have now.

I didn’t realize its popular appeal. This joins the Cascadia flag in having significant success without official status.

I've never seen this flag (I'm from Kansas) and I absolutely love it.

I really like this.

I've never seen this flag before. I was designing a new flag for Wisconsin in my head and it has all these colors, horizontal stripes and a gold star. So I have to say I like this flag! Now I have to think of something else.

The Minnesota seal is a racist holdover from the stateís founding, featuring a Native American being forced westward as a white settler takes his land. So the North Star flag both improved the flag in aesthetics and symbolism.

Simple with the North Star, blue waters of our lakes, white for purity of goodness and green for our farmland, trees and forests.

So clearly it's the perfect time to push for a new state flag for Minnesota, something with more charm and symbolism and distinctiveness than our current terrible state-seal-on-blue-field atrocity (the state seal is pretty awful in itself, with some pretty racist symbolism, but that's another fight). My personal favorite option is called the North Star Flag. It's a simple flag with four colors. The top half of the flag is blue with a large gold five-pointed star in the left half. Below is a wavy band of white, and at the bottom is a stripe of green.

I have one too in SE MN

Omigosh. Most exciting tweet in a while. Iím super down for a North Star flag. [reply:] Me too!

I feel it is time to change the design of the state flag. The [North Star Flag] that was shown on the front page of the P-B Tuesday is a good one. A beautiful work of art and the colors represent the nature of our state.

The proposed new state flag is beautiful and simple and highly visible and rooted in traditional state symbols. The colors are bold and clear and it is the same on both sides. It looks good. It looks great on t-shirts, etc. One can image a college kid far from home, or a young service person, or retired person, or anyone getting great help, support, and taking the edge off home sickness by visualizing this new flag. Minnesota is so special and this symbolizes that too.

The wave effect is enhanced in some flags by the use of wavy stripes to begin with, in the design of the flag. This creates a special sight to the eye as such a flag ripples in the wind Ö Interestingly, the proposed Minnesota state flag has waves in its design. The proposed flag would certainly be a real eye-catcher in any wind from a gentle breeze to a whole gale. It might be said that certain flags are wind-compatible. That would apply to flags such as the Stars and Stripes and the proposed Minnesota flag, since the breeze enhances their appearance.

Would much prefer the North Star Flag.

Thereís a house near me with Ö a flag flying that I canít identify but am curious about. Itís never windy when I drive by so I never see it that well but what I know is that itís striped green, white and blue and appears to have a yellow star on it. Iím just really curious what it represents. [reply:] The only thing I saw that may fit the description is the North Star Flag for Minnesota ... [response:] I think that’s it. Iím in Minnesota and I looked it up and that looks right to me. Thank you!

I do like that one a lot better

The minnesota one [i.e. North Star Flag] is beautiful

As a Minnesotan I think what's known as the North Star Flag is a much better choice [than other options]. Our current flag is an embarrassment to such a wonderful state.

I don't know the Minnesota flag, because it's boring, like many state flags. I support having a more beautiful state flag, e.g. yours.

The North Star Flag design would be a stunning change for the beautiful state of Minnesota. I hope [a lawmaker] can get it done. It took 4 years in Utah to get the commission passed. [elsewhere:] Iím going to order a North Star flag. You really have a beautiful flag!

I know it seems like small potatoes compared to other issues Minnesota faces, but I would love to see my representatives Ö help get our flag changed. The North Star Flag is a great symbol that all Minnesotans can relate to and be proud of. [elsewhere:] The North Star Flag in Loons colors just confirms that it really is the best choice for being the Minnesota flag. Iconic.

Minnesota needs to change it's flag to this


Found a Proposed Minnesota flag out in the wild. [Reply:] May we pray and hope for the day it's just "Found a Minnesota flag out in the wild"

As it should be

They should've used that flag instead of this !@#$% seal-on-bedsheet design

I will change the Minnesota flag to this.

I like the North Star Flag design.

I don't think a change would ever get full support. That said, I really dig the North Star design...

Can someone change that Minnesota flag to the North Star Flag version?

The flag is the North Star flag of Minnesota, the people's flag of the state.

I'm so glad to see that other people also care about ditching our uninspired flag with its Nineteenth Century images. Thank you Rev Becker and Lee Herold Ö We need one that is colorful and stands out like Colorado or Maryland.

Sweet flag, I could get behind this!

That is so cool! What a beautiful state flag that would be.

I would like to note that there is a movement to change the MN State Flag to this, which would be a VAST improvement.

Great flag design!

[The legal flag is] an SOAB, with a particularly politically incorrect, Manifest-Destiny era seal to boot. That's why I prefer the North Star flag.

Got to say I find the current one pretty ugly on serval levels. Your alternative is so nice however!

The North Star flag is so dope. If anyone wants one, Flags For Good has Ďem! [elsewhere:] The North Star flag should be the next flag of MN and I wonít entertain any dissenters. Thank you. [elsewhere:] The North Star Flag sells fantastically even to this day [at Flags For Good]. It is a beautiful flag design and is widely used Ė the measure of a good flag. It has stood the test of time. Itís older than I am and it is still used to this day. You can go to a Minnesota United game and see it. You can see it all around the state.

If I were the state legislature, I would simply adopt the North Star flag. [elsewhere:] Raise the flag, comrades!

Popular MN flag redesign seen on a lake in northern Minnesota. [reply:] Yes!

Hanging off my front porch...

My husband flies this in front of our house.

William Becker and Lee Herold first designed/proposed it back in 1989. It was a great idea back then and absolutely necessary now! [elsewhere:] Growing up in the early 90s, I had a t-shirt of the North Star flag. In fact, my whole family had shirts identical to mine. That combined with the absence of the real state flag flying in lawns or buildings led me to believe the North Star flag WAS Minnesota's flag. It wasn't until my 6th grade Minnesota History class that I realized my error. I was surprised, disappointed, and couldn't understand why Minnesotans would prefer their current, convoluted design.

I would support the "North Star Flag" simply because it has a bit of history (it's around [since 1989]).

Wow! I really like that redesign idea.

The North Star flag has a catchy name and a bit of historic clout behind it, and itís at least much better than the current flag. I do like the pride that's building behind it. It's the unofficial flag for the movement to change the flag. If itís the design to get the ball rolling, then itís something to rally behind.

Gotta Love the Northstar: In a lack-luster flag state, it's nice to be able to fly (or stick) something with pride.

I like the proposal. Take this from a Minnesotan. [reply:] Agreed from another Minnesotan [another reply:] Ö looks great

Ya know what, I think I'm sold! I like our flag now, but so many good, and valid, points are brought up. The redesign looks good and makes sense! [elsewhere:] Added the NorthStar Minnesota flag to my Amazon list! I fully intend to get it! Unless someone gets it for me first ;)

I have been looking to add the North Star flag to my collection since I have known about it, being that the actual MN flag is boring. Does anyone know of a place online or in state that you can obtain one? [Answer: Visit here.]

As a Minnesotan, I give it a resounding "Hey that's way better than the current flag"

They should almost change the state flag to this one, itís more representative of the state.

The Burns vote for [this] design.

I'm also a fan of this.

I like it too actually, and am considering purchasing one

The alternate flags like the North Star flag is pretty cool but I agree the [current] state flag is the same as everyone else's

I lived in Rochester, but now live in Tokyo. I have only a small version of the [North Star] flag, which I have posted on the door of my office at the med school I teach at in Tokyo. I don't have the official state flag, because why would anyone want it? [elsewhere:] I'm a Minnesotan, and I think it's a great flag. Minnesota is known as "The North Star State," its name mean "the land of sky blue waters," and it's the source of the Mississippi River. All these are clearly and simply shown.

Still think that the North Star Flag is the best Minnesota Redesign

Now that's a good flag!

What flag is that? Fantastic!

That is a way better flag than the current flag.


I've seen this flag posted before and I like the final design a lot.

The North Star Flag is the most popular [MN redesign]

[re Duluth flag:] Counter proposal: new flag for MN

Unfollowing everyone except the [Twitter] account dedicated to MN getting a new flag. They're the only ones with a goal that I follow.

[A photo of] Me with the North Star flag of Minnesota in Onigamiinsing! (Duluth, MN)

As a Minnesotan, I LOVE the new design. I think it represents the state well and would love to see that outside buildings instead of the one we have now.

Heck yeah, Minnesota pride. That flag has was proposed in the 80s and is gaining lots of support, we just have to get [lawmakers] to pass the flag changing bill in Minnesota.

I love your design and I hope it replaces our current flag.

That [other] design is fine, but it isnít better than this [North Star Flag]

This flag is waaay better. Flags should be simpler, not complicated, and be easy to see from far away. Like sh*t that would look good on a sticker or tshirt. It also matches the MN gov Ďbrandingí colors as well. The wave is a unique touch.

Like that one a lot. Because of its relative simplicity, it's one that could have been made when Minnesota was still a baby, it doesn't have all kinds of fancy designs or words on it and doesn't need to.

Can we talk about the North Star Flag? That. Is an excellent flag. I want the North Star flag to be our flag. Why isnít that our flag? How do I make that our flag? Ö A good flag should be drawable by a child. From memory. Itís a simple iconic design thatís meant to be recognizable on a piece of fabric flapping in the wind in the distance. [elsewhere:] Seems like one of the better state flags Iíve seen Ö. For me, a good flag is simple straight lines, a great flag incorporates unique elements in a simple way Ö. The Northstar flag is mostly straightforward blocks of colors and the recognizable state-star symbolism, which I am a big fan of. But they mix it up in one way, the wavy line. It's unique while still being easy to draw/recognize. And the iconography is instantly clear: the waters of Minnesota .... This is easily my favorite I have seen so far.

What are you's guys' thoughts on the North Star Flag? Honestly hate that we are in the [blue flag, state crest] camp of US flags. Would love to see the change to this beauty! Would rock a lot more flag merch as well!

About 30 or so state flags are Seals on Blue and are not considered good flags. My state (Minnesota) has an ongoing movement to change the flag from this seal on blue to a Flag that more represents the state and would be more unique, specifically the North Star Flag. It is becoming more and more common for residents to fly the North Star flag rather than the seal on blue. [elsewhere:] In addition to American Ensigns, I have the North Star Flag (the proposed new Minnesota State Flage) hanging on my bedroom wall. [elsewhere:] Minnesota needs to abolish its seal on blue, and adopt the North Star Flag. [elsewhere:] A seal on blue, I hate it. I am firmly on the pass the North Star flag camp.

I actually did not know the north star flag existed, until I had already designed something that was almost identical.

The minnesota north star flag proposal is great, I actually bought it.

The North Star flag now graces the wall of my classroom. We can do it, Minnesota! Courage, Minnesota! Why haven't we adopted this flag as a state? It's gorgeous.

Love this! I am SO getting one!

Today went to Herold's Flag Store and bought the 50 state flags and the flags for Washington DC, the "North Star Flag", and the flag of American Samoa

We are fully behind those in MN in support of @NorthStarFlagMN

It's a lovely take on the North Star State theme! And Ö itís flying proudly in Minnesota!

Have you seen this beautiful alternative to the current Minnesota flag (this one waving proudly in my yard)? In the North Star Flag the wavy horizontal stripes of blue, white and green represent sky/water, snow, & forest/agriculture. The gold star symbolizes the North Star State.

Time for a change Minnesota! Proposed new Minnesota State flag .... Isnít the first time it has been proposed. I’m a fan! North Star, blue lakes, snow and green for fields and forests. IMO perfect!

That would make a great MN flag!

Nice. Into it.

It's not a "real" flag as in an official one, but still a very popular proposal. [Reply:] I can see why, it's a good flag.

Ordered a North Star Flag to fly proudly over Lakefork. If there should be one thing we can come together on, itís replacing the Minnesota State Flag with something sensible, simple and strong.

This [Twitter] exchange just prompted me to order one. [elsewhere:] So excited to get my new North Star Flag from Flags for Good! Let's replace our awful Minnesota seal-on-a-bedsheet with this beauty! I love it! This flag is great. [elsewhere:] Let's make the Northstar flag the emblem of Minnesota. We are so close!

Great idea & a great flag.

I like minimal, clean design so Iím pro this flag.

Iím all in on the Star and Squiggles flag.

Awesome Flag! Itís flying high on the lakeshore. Great quality and looks amazing catching the wind off the lake.

Here's an interesting page about a proposed redesign to Minnesota's flag called the North Star Flag.

Minnesota needs a new state flag. Drove across the Twin Cities today and saw 6 businesses flying the state flag upside down. Legislative peeps, letís get rid of the current one thatís boring and breaks all vexillological rules and replace it with The North Star Flag.

I love both those north star designs [i.e. Becker/Herold & Houtkooper designs at]

There was a small effort in the late '80s to replace the flag. This was the design which I personally really like. There's actually a few houses in my neighborhood that have this flag instead of the official Minnesota one.

Check out the North Star Flag. It currently is the most popular alternative.

Check out the proposed north star flag it looks scrumptious.

I'm on the bandwagon of referring to Minnesota as "The North". And while we're at it lets also adopt a much more identifiable state flag. Something without settlers & guns. [with image of North Star Flag]

A new Minnesota state flag would be welcome. I like this one. Itís simple and distinctive. Iíd vote for it. Heck, I wouldnít be ashamed to fly it in front of my house.

There are five rules to good flag design, and one of them is, ďIt should be so simple a child could draw it from memory.Ē The new flag gets that right.

This would be the best flag for Minnesota as a country.

A better flag for Minnesota.

huge improvement

I would vote for the new North Star design. The current flag is somehow both boring and offensive. And if bean counters feel it is a waste of money to change to a design with more iconic potential, they don't understand branding, or the significance of tourism to the state economy.

[Response to CityPages article asking about a new state flag:] The North Star Flag

Efforts to adopt a new state flag have been underway since 1989 with this North Star design leading the way

I like the favored design. It's simple with form following function. I find it somewhat ironic that "The North Star [State]" doesn't have a star on its flag as the prominent feature.

There's nothing iconic about the Minnesota flag. Time to change it. I put my full support in the North Star flag, or if someone creates something as readable as that.

The North Star Flag is perfect!

North Star Flag looks simple but much better than the previous flag. Each state's flag needs to be easily recognised and identified. I am for it!

I'd love to see Minnesota get a new flag, and I really dig the North Star flag and personally think that's the one that needs to have happen since I first saw it a couple years ago.

I've been a fan of the North Star Flag since Tripod sites were a thing.

A step in the right direction. Either switch to the North Star flag or open it up for submissions.

I like the North Star flag designed way back when. A good flag doesn't need a bunch of clutter.

At least the north star flag is memorable I bet half the United States could not pick out the Minnesota flag as is.

Hereís a surprisingly interesting video [with Roman Mars] on what makes a great flag design. After watching this I canít stop noticing flags. Spoiler: the North Star Flag passes the test.

Just got my [sticker] order from Flags for Good and color me impressed.

The Minnesota flag is problematic *and* ugly. Plus thereís a much cooler design ready-made: [North Star Flag photo]. Like isnít this better! Iím a big fan!!! [elsewhere:] One of the sleeper results of this legislative session Ö is the new flag MN is getting and I hope itís this one.

Iíd love to have this one for the flag collection at Valley Forge!! We have too many splats-on-blue in this country. (And scenic heraldry is an atrocity.)

this would instantly be one of the very top tier of state flags

What a picture [meme]!

I support changing the MN flag to the North Star Flag. It reflects MN in a beautiful way. [elsewhere:] I love the North Star Flag. MN needs this flag that reflects MN in a beautiful, recognizable graphic. [elsewhere:] I [heart] the North Star flag as designed by Becker and Herold. It is a beautiful representation of MN. The MN state seal flag needs to be replaced.

I'm all for the North Star Flag instead of MNs current one

I have a suggestion. How about the North Star Flag? [elsewhere:] My personal favorite. [elsewhere:] How about the North Star Flag? Itís more visually appealing, easier to identify, and better represents Minnesota as a state! [elsewhere:] The Minnesota state flag is considered one of the worst in the union. The state seal on a blue background, like so many other states. Minnesota deserves better, something distinct that stands out and represents the whole state. The North Star flag is a good candidate.

Well-done! Balanced and coloured-contrasted. Symbolized simplicity.

North. Star. Flag. It's so good and it's ready to go!

That is pretty awesome

I like the 1989 North Star one, honestly

Looks like Minnesota is going to redesign its state flag. We love the [North Star] flag.

Long overdue. This seems to be the choice of the public

Minnesota is considering a new flag, and I agree we should do this. It would help to point out the current flag looks a lot like Wisconsinís. (You OK with that, Minnesota?) And about 20 other statesí. Hereís one of the better alternatives.

I think the green, white, and blue with the North Star is my favorite proposal still.

YIKES. While subtler, the MN flag is no less racist than the recently-replaced MS state flag w/ CSA inclusion. Iíve been a fan of the North Star Flag for a while and as a proud former Minnesotan, I wholeheartedly endorse this change. Itís time - Minnesota can and will be better.

Love the flag.

I agree and think we should go for the North Star flag!

I just was looking around and saw this site that is trying to get are state flag changed which is A VERY GOOD IDEA. This flag is much more simpler but tells a lot of [our] state. This will be the flag that I will be using for the group avatar.

The ďNorth Star FlagĒ [was] designed by Rev. William Becker and Mr. Lee Herold. If the Minnesota legislature could get to making that the official flag already that would be rad.

To be honest I haven't seen a design I like better than the North Star Banner.

Always liked the Northstar Flag

We fly the North Star flag at the end of our dock. Itís a great design.

Never knew. That looks pretty great.

The North Star Flag is the only Minnesota flag I will recognize. [elsewhere:] I know some people hate it, but I absolutely love the North Star flag and it'd be my pick.

Now this is a flag!

From Herold Flags: A school ďcame in yesterday to get indoor flags, USA, Christian, Ukraine & North Star (I told him it wasn't official but that's what he wanted).Ē

Minnesota needs a distinctive state flag that gets away from the hackneyed, boring settlement imagery! I love this so-called North Star design!

[Replies:] Love the colors! ... Great design! ... Agree! ... Yes! ... I like that! ... Very pleasant colors to the eyes and cool design ... ... I like this! ... Yes! ... Bold but distinctive. ... I vote yes! ... Totally agree!!! ... Coolest flag design ever! ... Attractive and meaningful! ... I love this! It screams, ďMinnesota!Ē

How has this been around for over 30 years and this is my first view?! I am all for the North Star Flag replacing the old MN flag.

I love the North Star flag and am eager to see our incredibly boring current flag retired.

The prototype flag is actually really good.

The North Star flag is attractive, meaningful, and a memorable option.

Have seen the 'North Star' flag. It is unique and distinctive.

[Statehood day is a] Good day to show better MN Flag design [with North Star Flag image].

It's starting to grow on me.

I like the North Star one. Itís modern and clean.

Now imagine if we had this beauty of flag.

Thereís already a great alternative thatís been floated around:

Really pretty!

There is zero reason this shouldn't be the flag of Minnesota.

This is awesome. Like our Milwaukee [Peopleís] flag!

New flag flying high! Just wanted to share this photo of our new Minnesota flag that we received from Herold Flags this week Ö Another happy customer and advocate for a new state flag! (Todd Schuman, email to Lee)

I appreciate that the oldest house [in St. Paul] is flying the North Star Flag Ė an alternative to our current unsavory flag design.

The North Star flag is such a better option than the current Seal-on-a-Blanket in any case.

Definitely support the change, the proposed new flag looks amazing and represents the state much better.

Based using the North Star flag.

For anyone who has seen the TED talk about flag design, check out the North Star Flag in this article. What an improvement!

I have always hated the Minnesota flag. It is way too busy and just a mess of a design. The North Star version looks WAY better. Simple, clean, and keeps the color premise of the original flag.

Arizonaís and New Mexicoís flag designs are the way to go. The North Star Flag captures that model. Itís simple and recognizable from others, while effectively representing the state. Articles Iíve read mention one test (among several) of a good flag is if a child can draw it, itís a design worth considering.

The strongest contender for a Minnesota flag change, The North Star flag.

It's simple, clean, and straightforward.

North star flag is 100% better, fact.

This should be our state flag.

F**K YEA! Woah sorry there buds bit too intense eh. F**k yea.

The blue-white-green scheme is very on brand for Minnesota. The colors have been used for decades by the state government, the state fair, countless municipalities, and private orgs with a physical attachment to the state like Friends of the Boundary Waters.

As a Minnesotan, I wish this was our flag.

I think the North Star flag is better personally it's an amazing design.

The North Star design is certainly more meaningful, symbolically.

It's not official, but the North Star Flag is pretty nice. I don't live in MN anymore, but I do have one of those hanging in my apartment.

Now that's a flag if I seen one

[To another redesign:] Nah, just give us the North Star flag

Vexillology-wise, it hits all the right marks. Meaningful symbolism, 2-3 colors, easy to recreate.

Absolutely north star flag. The other one is a bed sheet that is indistinguishable from half the other state flags.

Minnesota's flag is terrible in the way that all state-seal-on-blue-field flags are. I like the proposed North Star Flag design.

I hate my flag (MN) its just another seal on a blue background, we have a lot of people who want to use this flag instead

Near the front of the Wonderwall I saw this sick variation of the North Star Flag with a six pointed star in the MN United colors. I haven't been able to find this flag anywhere online, does anybody know where I can buy this?

I've always liked this one better than any other designs I've seen.

Please update the flag, I am tired of the old cluttered one, let me have as much pride in our flag as I do in Minnesota [with a North Star Flag image].

At my first MN Aurora FC match, finally Ö Absolutely LOVE these flags (esp. the North Star flag in Aurora colors!) Ö Itís SUCH a Minnesota deep cut.

It's Flag Day! I want to take this time to advocate Minnesota adopt the North Star Flag Design. You can't tell me this isn't better than Minnesota's current flag.

It is beautiful!

On an aesthetic level, however, [the official flag] is not a very good flag because there is too much in the state seal, and too complex to be memorable. Letís change it to the 1989-proposed North Star flag Ö It took me a while to be convinced, but itís the way to go.

Aesthetically Minnesotaís flag is horrible, it doesnít convey the uniqueness of the state. I really do prefer the North Star one over that. I wish a lot of states redesigned their flags to not be a boring sealÖ

What a beautiful flag! As a Scot I have no dog in the fight, but why would the State of Minnesota not adopt this beauty instead of the very ugly seal on a blanket that they possess?

iím fine with our state flag but the north star flag proposal I thought looked really cool

iíd love it if they changed it to the north star flag, our flag now is just boring as #$%& and basic. i wish we had something cool and iconic like cali or texas you know.

The existing state flag doesnít do justice to the great state of Minnesota. The North Star Flag would be a great replacement.

I love it. The white doubles as river and snow, but more than that, it's the perfect point between unique and simple.

Much more refreshing than the current flag, more specifically the action going on within the seal.

Hello, love the new flag design!

Consider if you will, an alternative: A better, and dare I say PERFECT FLAG design by @NorthStarFlagMN [elsewhere:] Itís certainly my favorite Minnesota flag with a star and blue, white, green, a little bit of gold, and a verbose presence on Twitter!

Please please please, change the MN flag to the North Star flag, I would be very grateful.

The alternate flags like the North Star flag is pretty cool but I agree the [blue] state flag is the same as everyone else's

Love my new Mn Northstar phone case!@NorthStarFlagMN [Barb Hartmann, Twitter]

The North Star Flag [variant] waved by [a Minnesota Aurora supportersí group] was originally created by @Ashe_Incendia. With her blessing I adapted the flag into this T-shirt design.

Iím a huge fan of the North Star flag (proposed replacement for the state flag) that is flown in the [Minnesota United] Wonderwall.

The North Star flag is so much better and I wish they would switch.

I got that one on my house thank you for giving me a better flag to rep MN with.

It looks just as great when in use as it does in spec!

Thatís a very good flag.

Itís perfect. I have no idea why Minnesota hasnít already adopted it.

That would be a huge upgrade.

Nice flag. Wish I was at an age where 1989 was a long time ago instead of recent memory.

Buying a sticker immediately.

Lol reminds me when I was trying to redesign the Minnesota flag for fun and just totally recreated that flag having never heard of it

pretty flag

How did I not know this? I literally live in Minnesota

that flag looks awesome!

Thatís awesome. Had no idea about the Northstar. Great content man!

Oh I like that!

i love that.

Even if it doesnít become official, it can still have an unofficial cultural status Ö

I donít have three hands so itís a bad pictureÖ but hey new [North Star] flag! [elsewhere:] The State Fair already uses the color scheme of the North Star flag lol itís so difficult to match the colors of our current flag to mean anything outside of itself, the alternative is just a simple Green Blue White

Honestly hope itís adopted soon. The North Star flag looks way better and more unique than our current one.

MN has had a lot of great alternative flag proposals that they could switch to [with photo of North Star Flag].

Yes Ė North Star flag forever!

There has been a long standing proposed flag for Minnesota titled ďThe North Star FlagĒ. [elsewhere:] This is my most flown flag.

Have never seen this before - cool! I think that flag hits nicely on the simplicty needed for the "so simple a kid could draw it" point.

Yep, this is the way to go imo.

I like that one!!

Iím a big fan of the North Star flag - blues and greens ftw.

I like the north star flag the best, it's so nice!

Ultimately, I think I prefer the "North Star" flag. I think for me, it comes down to fewer colors and really bold graphical elements ... Also, blue and green are really great colors for brands in general - they don't cause eye fatigue, and in this flag, they evoke the water/sky/grass combo of the reaches of the upper part of the state. Ö It's hard to get away from things like "Land of 10,000 Lakes", Lake Superior, Lake Itasca, Boundary Waters, etc. Ö In a state tied up with a lot of water - and snow! - not including a blue or green water element is a legit criticism.

Gotta fly the proposed design they sell over at Flags for Good. That's a nice [Minnesota] state flag.

I really think the alternative that was proposed a couple of decades would be cool

This has been a Dark Horse proposal for Minnesota for Ö years now.

Idk if you've seen the "North Star Flag" but it's the most popular proposed alternative. Many people these days Ö want the state to basically just commit to a new flag and then open it up to a wider range of proposals. Nevertheless, the North Star Flag is a bit of a symbol for the new flag community.

The North Star Flag is sexy. I think youíd see it a lot more if it were officially adopted.

A lot of people in Minnesota want to change the state flag to the north star flag

It's a redesign of the current flag, the colors mean things (look it up to find out exactly what) and the star is the north star, hence the name being the Minnesota north star flag. It is just a popular redesign, it is much nicer looking than the current one.

Looks pretty good in the real world!

That North Star flag looks great! Simple, unique and recognizable. I hope we adopt it!

At Arbeiter brewery in Minneapolis and saw this flag only to research a little more and found this page @NorthStarFlagMN so cool!

I love that the North Star Flag and wished the Legislature would have moved faster on it, because this [with photo of Duluthís new flag].

Just bought it. Will hang it out front of my home in Taylors Falls! Iím right on the bluff.

From Herold Flags: Customer came in to buy a flag & tall pole for camping to identify his spot among hundreds of campers. He wanted ... a MN flag. But he kept looking at the state flag & thought about it. Then he said he'd take a North Star flag. Then he took 6 North Star state outline lapel pins, 3 North Star stickers too and was happy with this selection.

I love the North Star flag and what it represents

So there was a bus full of flags where I lived to celebrate a yearly festival and it had this gem in it! [elsewhere:] guess who converted their basketball hoop into a flag pole Ö Itís the North Star flag redesign.

We really need to adopt this flag

Yes, please!

Itís a cool flag!

Petition to bring back momentum for this to be the new Minnesota state flag

This should be our state flag.

The North Star Flag (pic rel) is what MN needs.

I need a statement from the government explaining why this isn't the current Minnesota flag

Have you seen the potential redesign of the Minnesota flag? I hope it gets passed! [MichaelSchroederIV, reddit] [Reply:] Is it the one with the waves and the star in the corner? If so, yes, I hope it gets passed, too! Minnesota deserves a flag with at least the slightest personality.

[From Cascadia:] !!! Damn your slightly earlier, sharp looking very similar flag!!! :) Sounds like we need to do a flag exchange!

I honestly couldn't think of a better flag [for Minnesota] than the 1989 proposed ďNorth Star FlagĒ as created by William Becker and Lee Herold ... I honestly could not make a new flag I would be happy with after seeing the initial ďNorth Star FlagĒ.

As another Minnesotan I prefer the various North Star flag designs that have popped up over the years. Like this [link to North Star Flag graphic]

I LOVE your Minnesota flag thank you!!

I wish we had the popular [Minnesota] flag.

I've got the North Star flag in my room.

I was so happy to find an alternative to the traditional Minnesota state flag!

The North Star flag is a lot better imo [than another redesign]

I prefer the Northstar flag [to another redesign]

We need to do away with the current flag and embrace the North Star flag designed by Rev. William Becker and Lee Herold!!!!!

@Flags For Good did a great [Minnesota] redesign! [reply:] looking at it, the flags for good design came from a couple of MN vexillologists in 1989! It's called the Northstar flag

northstar flag>mn state flag

If Utah can adopt a new flag, then Minnesota can adopt the North Star Flag!

I will say many better MN flags have been proposed [with photo of North Star Flag]

Glad to see theres a concerted effort to get the MN north star flag, love it! Cheers! Ö Would make for a great hoodie. [elsewhere:] Immediately fell in love with the design.

Like your flag campaign. Does it extend to changing the State Seal? Thatís [a] source of the problematic content in the flag.

Such a great flag! For displaying it vertically, what do you think about putting the star/canton on the top left? [Reply: Yes, that is the norm.]

It's PERFECT. Water, stars, land, sky. The values of Minnesota right there!

Iím not even gonna lie, that North Star flag is a huge improvement from the current one. It really represents Minnesota, and gives off more of a Minnesota feeling, with the snowy hills and the North Star.

Yes! We need the new flag in MN!

I like the north star alternative flag that already is used

This proposed version of Minnesota flag is actually rather popular for an unofficial design, maybe not quite like the Maine unofficial flag, but probably right after that one. If you google ďNorth Star FlagĒ youíll see people flying it and making stickers of it, so it felt natural to include the most popular alternate design.

That North Star one is pretty. I hope you adopt it. [Reply:] Yeah, I like that one.

We also need state flags you can actually tell apart at emoji size. What's the point of a flag you can't see? Take a look at how much easier it is to spot @KeystoneFlag, @BeehiveFlag, and @NorthStarFlagMN in the second map!

switch to the north star flag

[From a city flag proposal:] Iíd be proud to fly below the North Star Flag if it were my state.

Perfect! I ordered a small sticker of the North Star Flag, a proposed flag for the state of Minnesota.

Whoever's flying the North Star flag is based

[Lawmakers] are ready for the state of the state [address]! Also, check out my [North Star Flag] pin! [elsewhere:] Glad to see [a lawmaker] wearing a North Star Flag pin to our press conference announcing the creation of the Inclusive Democracy Caucus! [elsewhere:] Glad to have a North Star Flag in my office!

Cool! Where might I be able to acquire one? Vexillology is a hobby.

Itís time to retire our racist state seal/flag - this looks great!

Can these [North Star Flag pins] be worn on the House [of Representatives] floor? They look great! And where can I get one?

Minnesota deserves a new flag- itís WAY past time! [wearing North Star Flag pin]

Yes!!! Itís my profile background!

Have you seen this flag redesign for the MN state flag?

*Breaking News* Ė I got my [North Star Flag] pin!

especially proud of the handmade northstar flag i made for a backpatch last summer, thereís really only one true way for a flag nerd to rep their state and it was a great next step into the world of textile arts

Yes! Weíd love to see it fly!!

I have already urged my state legislators to support the Minnesota North Star flag. Its design is simple and geographically based. Vexillological principles include identifying it on a flagpole on a calm day.

Rocks and Cows agrees this is an important topic. You must be onto something.

There are *15* different state flags that are blue with a seal or imagery on the front. They're so much alike that it's tough to appreciate one over the others. We need something unique like this!

Whatís the actual likelihood of this being the new state flag? I like it!

This flag is so powerful in that even if Minnesotans didnít know anything about it, they can relate to it and seen Minnesota within it. [elsewhre:] A new flag (which has been around since I was 1) that is uniquely Minnesotan and represents all Minnesotans in its thoughtfulness and simplicity, is desperately needed. I believe businesses and communities will embrace it, bringing more financial prosperity.

The same [seal] design is on our flag too. A lot of us want to switch to this one instead.

Oh thatís good

Letís make this our official flag with our newly elected trifecta, itís time.

Iíd take the North Star flag over the ďemblem on blueĒ design that we share with a good 5-10 other states.

The North Star Flag is a very simple, replicable, and recognizable design. Perfect for a state flag Ö Thatís why at both my home and my business, I fly the North Star flag

I proudly wear the bumper sticker on my car

This design for the #NewMNFlag will be easy for people to draw and recognize. I love it!

This is widely accepted as a great design by most vexillologists. I own this flag and bought it from Flags for Good.

I have to compliment you on the design, I grew up in Chicago area where a simple representative flag has been around for quite some time, and think the North Star Flag would be great for Minnesota to adopt. Fingers crossed for the flag!

I taught in the school district where the original designer worked. I was always excited to talk with him about this design!!!

I actually don't even mind that flag. I just oppose changing it because of principle. I've seen houses in Minneapolis fly that flag.

Please change this to the much, much better North Star flag. Flag design is a pretty dismal field for aesthetics, but the North Star flag really is beautiful.

Have you seen our current flag? This one is [hot].

I've looked at a lot of flags for a lot of places and as flags go, the North Star flag is a very solid design. People can quibble about details but the foundation, from a flag design perspective, is solid.

Can someone help me identify this flag? Ö [Reply:] It's the "North Star" flag, a pretty common redesign for Minnesota. [Another:] The Minnesota North Star flag; itís considered the stateís unofficial flag. [Response:] Oh thatís cool Iíve never seen that. Thanks!

The North Star flag rules and should absolutely replace the seal on a bedsheet

The North Star flag isn't even "woke" it's just a better looking flag that can actually be distinguished no matter what. Hanging still,waving in the wind, or wet the flag still looks like the MN flag.

When a flag can be easily modified to represent a group while remaining recognizable and meaningful symbol[ism], it is an even better flag. Btw itís really funny seeing conservatives seethe over the change to an objectively better flag.

Proud to rep it! Every good brand deserves an update ó Minnesota included.

Iím happy to see that things are finally beginning to roll in the direction of a new flag. Until it happens, Iím not going to wait and will continue to fly the North Star. [elsewhere:] We have overheard several comments from people in passing pontoons identifying our dock flag as the ďnew Minnesota flagĒ. The level of awareness already is quite impressive.

Itís understandable that people feel everything is changing around them and are looking for something to anchor on. Itís also the same argument for why a new flag that better represents the people could be so powerful, it will just take time. :) The North Star flag is 100 [points].

old flag looks like sh*t, long live the North Star flag

Can we just get the North Star flag change passed this session.

Might I suggest this as a place to (re)start? I did a few stories on flag design in my Rochester days and learned that RochMNís own Lee Herold designed this as a potential replacement back in the Ď80s [elsewhere:] Lee Herold is a certified Rochester legend. Iíve carried his North Star Flag with me throughout my journey post-RochMN.

Iíve grown fond of it.

I cant describe how badly I want this flag

Beautiful flag

Minnesota absolutely should get a new state flag and this one is awesome.

The North Star flag? Thousands of light years better.

Man, that does look good at the lake

The North Star Flag is an absolute S-tier flag. [elsewhere:] Utah immediately goes from having a D tier flag to having an S tier flag. Canít wait for Minnesota to adopt the North Star Flag next.

I LOVE the North Star flag! We wave it at local sports games - it is so much better looking, represents things that I'm darn proud of as a Minnesotan (river, land, snow, stars!), and removes the sense of "another blue field flag with a state seal" aesthetic that means I can barely find us in a hall of flags. ALL of that being upsides without even getting into how much I cringe at the actual state seal.

The "North Star Flag" design was created by Rev. William Becker and Mr. Lee Herold, two longtime vexillologists, in 1989 This gets my vote. I think this says it all with elegance. Easy to "read" when it is flying. It will make a great tshirt, too! I like that is can be easily recognized as the MN state flag and includes symbols of our natural assets that are common to all our population.

The North Star Flag rules. I fly it at the lake

You'll actually see a lot of [legislative] members wearing a variation of this flag as a lapel pin. The bill would be open to other designs, but this seems to be a favorite.

Love this flag! I hope it takes the bid

Best design, been around and pushed for a while. Iíve got a cheap version of it hanging in my house, I want to get a better two sided one to hang outside.

I bought the stickers a while back and a 3x5 outdoor flag. The quality is really good and has held up outside this winter!

I support the proposed North Star Flag, designed in 1989, depicting the North Star shining upon a land of "sky-tinted waters"

Just as #utah is in the process of getting a new flag, there is a tremendous push with our friends in #minnesota to its own. The flag/state seal has been judged for being lazy/racist. A push to replace the flag with the 1989 #northstar flag which represents everything MN offers.

B made this cookie using the proposed new ďNorth Star FlagĒ Minnesota state flag! It represents the star of the north, waves and blue of sky-tinted waters, white for winters, green for forests and farmlands. Now Iím going to eat it.

And hereís the North Star Flag on display in my office

More than thirty years ago an alternative flag was proposed ... I like the North Star flag, but if the [legislative] commission can come up with something better, Iíll be surprised and delighted .... Let your legislators know Ė the time has come!

The North Star flag has caught on because it is true to "good flag" principles and reflects obvious MN features. It's good & it's us. [elsewhere:] No flag expert, though a huge fan of the North Star flag.

Years ago a couple of creatives created their own version of the Minnesota flag (because ours is so awful) and you see it flying from stoops waaay more than the real one. Now theyíre debating changing the flag officially.

Can we switch this up real quick, please? "Mni sota makoce" is Dakota for "place where waters reflect the sky."

The proposed North Star Flag is very sexy, and I would love to see the state adopt it. The language on the seal is French, and it means "The Star of the North".

Duluth is strikingly close to the Minnesota North Star Flag. And I love the North Star Flag Ė itís a much better flag for Minnesota, and I think Duluth is playing off that in a way thatís both Ďbe distinct or be related.í

For the past 30+ years they've been trying to change the flag. Most people who proudly fly a state flag in Minnesota do so with a separate flag called The North Star Flag ... It takes both the french words and stars in the shape of a star (all representing "The Star of The North") from the original flag and simplifies it to a single star. It's symbolic of the Laurentian Divide and the resulting rivers, lakes, and wilderness of the area with a splash of white cause the state is covered in snow half the year. There are pride versions and sports team versions out there so people just started making it their own.

If only Minnesota would update it's flag to the "North Star" Flag since that would easily be one of the best flags of any US state.

There are some half decent proposals for replacing Minnesota's flag. Among the best of them is the "North Star Flag."

I'm actually flying the [North Star Flag] in my front yard! Great conversation starter. [elsewhere:] Ive been flying the flag pictured at my house for about a year and a half now, and I love it!

For anyone else like me who thought, that's a great idea, where do I get one... You can google The North Star Flag and find a few options to buy... like this one

The North Star flag gets my vote. Seems to be the one most in use already

Fwiw, Minnesotans know our flag is trash. A lot of people use the North Star Flag instead

Iím glad the North Star Flag is getting more recognition these days.

Friend, we need to be getting that north star flag asap

This is interesting. I like the proposed, replacement MN flag design.

I cheer internally when I see one in the wild.

If the MN flag does change, it will likely adopt the North Star flag which looks quite good

As a Minnesotan, this needs to be done. Love this flag!!! [elsewhere:] Hopefully soon this will be the new Minnesota flag.

I love this design, but I would support almost anything that gets MN to move away from the truly terrible and racist flag we currently use.

As a Minnesotan myself, I have always been partial to the North Star flag or some variation of it. [elsewhere:] I have long thought our flag is a bit of a travesty. I would personally love to see some variation of the North Star flag as the redesign. It's so beautifully simple yet symbolic at the same time. It captures the history of our state without going overboard. [elsewhere:] Found Herold Flags at Steamboat Days, bought myself a very nice North Star Flag ... Wish I had a yard for a flagpole! Gonna have to settle for hanging it in my apartment for the time being.

We already have the north star flag which should just be adopted already. It's not perfect but it's much better than what we have and it has support.

I have a neighbor that is flying a flag that has a purple stripe on top then a white stripe, and on the bottom a green stripe. The stripes are all wavy. In the top left corner of the purple stripe is a yellow star. I keep trying to find the meaning, but I can't find it. What does it stand for? [later:] The people who live at the house were outside today. So, we asked them. It's a proposed flag for Minnesota.

Iím eternally on team Northstar if the flag ever got changed.

I'm still going to say that I'm partial to the design that the guy from Rochester who owns a flag store came up with several years ago.

Time for MN to update our flag, one that represents the state and everyone in it with a more modern and inclusive design! @NorthStarFlagMN

I love the North Star flag Iíve heard that Minnesota is looking into.

Hopefully Minnesota gets on board soon [with link to North Star Flag website]. [elsewhere:] I'm a big fan of the suggested North Star Flag, personally.

I think the North Star flag is a better Minnesotan flag redesign.

that's a good lookin flag

If the North Star flag gets approved Iím displaying that proudly

We need a North Star Flag jersey

I would fly that.

I recommend the "North Star Flag" which is also the same flag proposed in 1989, and won a contest in 2001. Let #Minnesota show everyone that they are the #NorthStar!

Some of the new State and City flags have been a huge improvement. I particularly love the Minnesota North Star flag, Iíd love to see that become the official State flag. [elsewhere:] I love the North Star flag. One of my favourites.

I really like it, and it should absolutely be the new Minnesota flag over the current SOB. Thank you

Our state really needs a new flag and the North Star Flag is absolutely perfect! I have one that I fly outside my house and it is so beautiful, especially when there is a little wind which makes the waves really eye catching

A flag proposal for North Star Minnesota! This flag is awesome!

I want this flag so bad

Lovely flag for my collection

Small movement to change Minnesotas flag, I like this design, very simple; our current flag is ugly, especially the seal

I love my flag from Flags For Good, I fly it proudly in front of my house for all to see. Great quality, flies well, and looks good! [elsewhere:] Iím just disappointed in my options for my residential flag pole, because ... the Minnesota state flag [is] rather bland. Ended up going with this beauty from @FlagsForGood

Iím partial to the North Star flag design already out there (not all agree) however just about anything else would be better than the junk flag we have right now.

let's make @NorthStarFlagMN the new flag!

Solid lapel pin!

Great quality and is a wonderful addition to our yard!

Recently purchased the North Star flag (a proposed flag for Minnesota), and had to get some pictures in front of Lake Superior Ö I noticed that a resolution to redesign the state flag and emblem was approved along with the budget. I hope the North Star flag is chosen! [elsewhere:] As a new resident of MN, I truly hope this design is chosen. Beautiful flag!

I'm cool with some tweaks to the colors or star of the north star flag, but unless someone comes up with a banger we haven't seen yet, they shouldn't push it too much further. [elsewhere:] Would be very pleased to fly this flag for the rest of my life.

Make it happen!

I've come to like it. So many of the other proposal feel like corporate logo on a bedsheet, which is better than a seal but still doesn't make a good flag. It has some of the best guts of any of the proposals I've seen.

The current flag is a mess, and more likely than not theyíre just going to pick the North Star Flag, which is great.

It is pretty.

I know I'm ready for Minnesota because I just muted someone for saying they disliked the design of the new flag

I own a north star Minnesota state flag proposal.

The North Star flag is SO much better than any of the alternatives proposed in this thread. The North Star flagís warm colors and squiggly line are friendly and unpretentious.

I fully support this

I'm stoked about some of the potential flag redesigns. Much more aesthetically pleasing. My personal favorite is [this one].

North Star Flag! LETíS GOOOO!

Anyone want to collaborate on a pride flag order from Flags For Good? They even have the cool MN ďNorth StarĒ flag design.

I am unreasonably excited for this. The current flag sucks so much and the proposed one is so much better

Minnesota really needs to adopt that North star flag

I actually really love this flag.

I also like this flag and dislike our current flag.

I really like this design. I hope they change to this one.

Please mention the North Star Flag. I think the work has been done and the answer is staring at us in the face.

I like the one "Herold and fellow flag enthusiast Rev. William Becker created, the North Star flag: A bright star in a blue sky over a green field, separated by a wavy line that evokes snowy hills and winding rivers."

I, for one, love this North Star Flag design that you have put together Ö the simplicity of it, the way you describe it Ė the look of it, I think, people will love; but weíll see what ends up happening.

Awesome. I didnít know about this and just read up on it. SoÖ I bought one. Impulse buy, I regret nothing.

Still my top choice for the new state flag, simple yet unique

Someday, my precious... someday you will take your rightful place as our state flag... someday you shall free us from that graphic design nightmare that currently sits upon the capital pole... someday.

ngl, this is my fave design (so far!).

Hard to beat how simple and nice this flag is. Clearly MN needs a flag with blue/green/gold

This is the way.

Speaking as a non-Minnesotan, it is attractive, descriptive, and recognizable.

Looks great in the breeze!

Hope they go with the Star of the North flag. Simple, popular, and beautiful.

Iím hoping itís the North Star flag which was created by a couple of guys back in 1989. People already fly it around anyway.

Minnesota is getting a new state flag and I'm unreasonably happy Ö I think [the North Star Flag] looks awesome Ö Star is the north star. Blue is the lakes. White is the snow. Green is the green of spring/summer. I hope it gets chosen.

We really need a new state flag! [The North Star Flag] is a great replacement.

A jersey any minnesotan can be proud of, I can only hope the flag redesign is as well designed as the north star jersey!

I like the North Star flag. I hope that's the one we get

There were some people from Winona, camping up near Alexandria campingÖ. when I walked by, one guy said, ďis that supposed to be the new flag.Ē I said, ďNo, it IS the North Star Flag on a t-shirt.Ē ďAre you an advocate?Ē ďYes,Ē I said, ďbut I live out of state. But I like the flag.Ē ďWe do, too.Ē It is recognizable.

I gotta say Ė I like this design for a new MN flag. The North Star, Blue for lakes, white for snow, green for our forests. Simple, easy to recognize.

The new Minnesota state flag design should mimic this buoy at the top of the Northwest Angle. The colors were chosen by the girl scouts who painted it, which is very cool Ö Itís very interesting those Girl Scouts chose a color scheme so similar to the North Star Flag!

I love it! My hope is that MN will be represented with this beautiful design for their new state flag.

Flying our new North Star flag. Hoping this may replace our current Minnesota flag.

Minnesota has started a commission to select a new flag. The front runner since since [1989] has been the North Star flag which I think we can all agree is superior.

I've always hated "state seal on blue background" state flags. And yeah, I like that North Star flag for Minnesota!

I like that design Ė simple and you will remember it with the North Star in the blue and white and green

Yeah that'd be a cool flag it says a lot with a little

I like it. It's simple and memorable and doesn't look like any other state flag Ö

Hands down the best.

Of the current options, the most appealing is The North Star Flag (2017). It manifests the most important symbols of our state: the North Star, water, snow and green land with the flourish of wavy bands. This flag will be easily recognized with time. Iím a native Minnesotan who has not lived in the state for over 40 years, yet I carry my state heritage proudly. I say ďYa sure, you betchaĒ to this option of a new flag to represent Minnesota.

What a beautiful, simple and thoughtful design!

So happy for you Lee Herold after all these years, you finally got your wish! I remember we talked about it all the time. I even wrote a college essay about it your design is pretty awesome, now convince them to use it!

These. Have. Been. Available. For. Years.

This is the one I prefer. Hope itís chosen!

tbh i consider the north star flag the state flag of Minnesota

A quick memory drawing of a flag I saw in Holland, Michigan. Anyone know what it is? [reply:] The unofficial North Star flag of Minnesota

I was once told that one of the basic tenets of a flag is that school children should be easily able to draw it. Personally I think the North Star Flag is a good substitute. Controversial nature of the current flag aside, this design is just much simpler; the North Star, the blue of her lakes, the green of her agriculture.

I was once told that one of the basic tenets of a flag is that school children should be easily able to draw it. Personally I think the North Star Flag is a good substitute. Controversial nature of the current flag aside, this design is just much simpler; the North Star, the blue of her lakes, the green of her agriculture.

Some in Minnesota have advocated for a visual representation of the state motto: Líetoile du Nord, which means in English ďStar of the North.Ē A design being offered is a single star on a field of blue above rolling bands of white and green. Search for ďNorth Star FlagĒ online and you will see it. I think itís unique and striking. Much better than the current flag.

Luv his [Lee Heroldís] design! He is spot on. Ours is too messy.

Go Lee! I appreciate his design considerations. ďDesign by committeeĒ can be tough as everyone wants some input, but hopefully Leeís sensibility shines through. Simplicity is key.

I agree with [Lee Herold]. The flag is so busy and the icons so small that you canít even see them when a flag is flying. I like his design. Itís all inclusive and non-political.

I agree, it needs to change. Too much happening on the current flag. Love the simplified flag [Lee Herold] created.

I like the North Star flag!

In the real-life flag contest, I am rooting for the North Star Flag.

We have a similar view. :) [with lakeside photo of North Star Flag]

Where do I get one?? [elsewhere, with copy of 1989 Mankato editorial] Itís hard to see that people have been fighting for so long for this change that should never have been controversial.

I LOVE THIS DESIGN. Ticks all the boxes of a flag that fits, simple design, very symbolic with color and design! Love the North Star.

There has been growing momentum for a movement to redesign the state flag. This is the one I like the best. I would proudly fly that flag.

The first one [on a chart] is the best. North Star flag. It's such a good design. I have one on my wall already.

I like the north star flag a lot more then current one

We love the Minnesota North Star flag! [with lakeside photo of flag]. [elsewhere:] The North Star Flag has my ďvoteĒ! Beautiful with the potential to be iconic for the State of Minnesota! We proudly display it at our home.

I think itís a huge asset [for Duluthís flag to be so similar]. The Duluth flag is clearly inspired [sic] by the North Star Flag and seeing it flown on government buildings, homes, and businesses there and the pride that will bring will normalize the style.

Julie [Blaha]ís State Fair crop art entry celebrates a great legislative session (and pitches her favorite new state flag option in the design) [with the North Star Flag].

I have [in my room] the flag of Prussia (representing where my ancestors emigrated from to the US and because I enjoy the design) and the North Star Flag for Minnesota because I hate the current flag. The committee in 2024 better make a good redesign.

Iím a Minnesotan and anything other than [this] would be a betrayal of the public, the North Star flag has been a proposal for as long as flag proposals in this state have existed.

A screenshot of my Facetime with my son and his wife today. We gave him the flag several years ago which he hung in his dorm room. Evidently it is the main wall covering now in their apt in Chicago! He has always been a big fan!

When I saw the North Star flag developed by William Becker and Lee Herold Ö, I thought, Wow, I love that design! I love its simplicity and clean lines. I love how its star and wavy lines seem appropriate for our North Star state and how the whole creates a vivid, striking impression, a major goal for our redesigned flag.

Simple and Memorable! Always love seeing it around.

Iím super happy with the long proposed North Star Flag Ė itís simple with a few ďquirksĒ to make it our own (mainly the wavy line). And I think thatís what weíll end up with.

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